About Us

Simply, be the best you can.

Energy and passion to make a difference across an infinite number of diverse industries was the driver to establish Seeva.

Co-founded by Joe Lorefice and Gavin O’Kane, each with very opposing but symbiotic skill sets working seamlessly together, their diverse skills ensure that strategies, systems and the delivery of Seeva’s services are uniquely positioned for each of our clients.

Seeva Solutions

At Seeva our framework is not limited to a set suite of solutions, we are excited to work with our clients and partners in exploring new ways to achieve outcomes.

Seeva’s core strengths is our ability to provide transparency to multiple stakeholders in an efficient live environment based around your set criteria and objectives, thus enabling effective and timely evidenced based decisions to be made.

Whilst Seeva can be established to dive compliance, productivity, quality and accountability it can also be established with a supporting and nurturing framework to assist with social benefit of wellness, wellbeing within government, corporate/business workforces and or social community services and support networks.

Seeva is driving new ways of delivering solutions, we know that we can improve your outcomes and providing a better space to live in. Challenge us with your challenges.

Meet Our Co-founders

  • Technology strategy and design

    25 years experience in the Information Technology industry from developer to senior leadership roles.

    Gavin O'Kane

    Co-founder / Director
  • Strategic direction, innovation and marketing

    Over 30 years’ experience in senior management and managing director rolls within the construction industry.

    Joe Lorefice

    Co-founder / Director

Todays a new day and its going to be a great day, let’s start it together

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Seeva welcome the opportunity to Lead new projects or to partner to find new exciting opportunities.

At Seeva we believe “Todays challenge is tomorrow solution”.