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Seeva Plant & Equipment

Seeva Plant & Equipment set out to ensure WHS compliance specific to each piece of plant and the operators are implemented. Our approach was to provide a robust evidence-based system in a quick and efficient manner.

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Seeva Plant & Equipment provides an interfaced WHS Plant Pre-start that provides Live Status and automated sending to necessary parties, each Prestart is logged by plant and by operators enabling management assess to the plants status and operator performing the Prestart.

Each piece of equipment is identified by a QR code, Bar Code or ID – and each authorised operator is recorded individually by the system. If the plant is accessed by multiple users, each user has immediate access to the Prestart if conducted and the status of the Equipment’s fit for use.

Maintenance repairs are logged against the plant via the application and authorised operators or mechanic approving the repair are logged in the live recording for Who, what and when along with any revised equipment status.

Plant Status or Fit for use Status can be simply accessed by management and or maintenance departments, images or QR Coded parts or components can be quickly identified and viewed live on a centralized dashboard.

Some Key points but not limited to this list;

  • Live pre-start, logged by plant ID and authorised user/operator.
  • Hour Logger updates.
  • Location updates.
  • Centralized logging recorded, and automated forwarding of pre-start.
  • Plant scan ID by optional QR code, bar code or manual unique ID identification.
  • Live status of plant fit for use.
  • Live record of plant breakdown.
  • Part identification or image when enabled.
  • Damage reporting.
  • Loading and off-loading reporting.
  • Asset register.
  • Interfaces with Alternative Software or tracking needs optional depending on technical availability.