Seeva Life

Seeva Trade

Seeva Trade is a unique Business management tool that will significantly improve your business efficiency with less effort for far greater control, all in a live reporting framework.

  • How are you tracking compliance?
  • How are you tracking your tasks, and who, what when?
  • Want more control for less effort?
  • Want live status reporting at your desk?
  • Want control over compliance, conformance and nonconformance matters?
  • Want productivity information in a live environment?
  • Automated quality control and ITP’s that are evidenced and show accountability?

Seeva Trade is unlike any other modern construction tool, its strengths and benefit can shift between how and where your business is positioned within the construction sector,whether your business is Finance lending, consultancy, project management, builder or Seeva Trade will provide your business with substantially benefit, efficiency and significantly more control for less effort.

More than ever before compliance in construction has been at the forefront. In recent years significant events across the world resulting from combustible cladding, structural failures, product failures and poor construction practices has resulted in significant financial consequences and at times loss of life to those involved.

Seeva Trade provides information critical to productivity, quality, conformance/non-conformance, accountability, status all in a live environment. The Seeva Trades dashboard provides the user with a wealth of information and when rolled out across your entire business monitors live information across your whole company or breaks it down to single projects, trade or a task activity.

Your ability to take instant control on how you manage what you do and what you expect of others is the power of our Seeva Trade framework, the ability to ensure others up or down stream of your specific role is administered correctly and timely is critical to construction compliance.