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Seeva Team is uniquely positioned to provide an environment around teams. We are not limited by what we can report, track, only by our imagination.

Analyzing or reporting on teams, players, support systems, wellbeing, welfare are just a small area that we can provide live reporting.

Teams or athlete participation regardless of training, playing, recovery or general management is limitless where we can take the input data.

Seeva Team can outline and track an infinite number of criteria with the ability to present data or analytics in a transparent in simple manner.

Through set criteria we can provide Global snap shots of a League, team, player, task or process in a live environment. Combining team information with a unique ability to track an athlete’s wellbeing in or out of the team space provides a unique snapshot on potential performance results.

The POWER of how Seeva Team gathers information can provide very different indicators to stakeholders given the variety of influence and management roles they retain

The information and the way the data is presented is not just about the athlete, it can capture all associated support roles, providers, coaches, specialists and services all of which can be rated from multiple directions providing a wealth of evidenced information.

“Greatness doesn’t come without seeking knowledge” by Seeva.