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Seeva IT

SeevaIT has the flexibility to work for you as a project management tool, a helpdesk ticket monitor or bug tracking tool; and will provide your software delivery team with substantial benefit, efficiency and significantly more control for less effort.

Across the software industry, alarmingly one in every five software projects are deemed complete failures, costing organisations sometimes millions of dollars in wasted time and effort. SeevaIT can help you keep track of project milestones and intervene before it's too late.

Your ability to take instant control on how you manage what you do and what you expect of others is the power of our SeevaIT framework. The ability to ensure others up or down stream of your specific role has the appropriate project visibility is critical project success.

The SeevaIT solution provides a framework for software Project Management. Providing project stakeholders with live status reports for greater control and early intervention.

  Task management and allocation.

  Document management.

  Live Status/Productivity reporting.

  Works in Agile and Waterfall environments.

  Effort tracking.

  Bug tracking.