Seeva Asset

  • National Parks and Wildlife Service.
  • Councils.
  • Power infrastructure.
  • Telecoms.
  • Water / Gas.
  • Roads / Rail.
  • Marine.

Seeva Asset provides a unique framework to manage your assets, we provide Stakeholders with a live view over their asset capturing an infinite amount of information that grows with asset.

Asset is a broad term but its where Seeva Asset’s power resides, our system is unique in managing vast, diverse assets that require staff and services to manage.Significant assets can be captured in our Seeva framework that’s simple, efficient and provides a view of what the asset is made up of.As the asset changed our system changes with it. The live environment has infinite ability to capture input details depending on how the asset is to be managed.Seeva Asset provides a Live status globally across the asset or a detailed assessment of any known item within the asset zone.

Reporting on the asset can be greatly improved with live charts, graphs and reports applicable on the asset as a whole or by individual element within the reporting and

tracking framework. This provides a wealth or recorded live and historic information that can be used for research, investment, finance, valuations or sale over the asset’s life and future.

With the infinite ability to record, evidence and track new points of interest during the asset Life Cycle our platform ensures Value for Money outcome are delivered for the asset as appropriate.

During a critical event or even a minor event stakeholder can gain Live evidenced reporting, with the ability to address and prioritise necessary actions for the asset.