Seeva Learn

Seeva Learn has a unique ability to provide real time results on a National scale. The key strengths of Seeva Learn is the ability for all stakeholders to access live status reporting of education/learning trending via the application. True evidenced Value for money outcomes can be realized immediately


Our Seeva Learn framework provides Stakeholders with Live data reflecting current statistics, this data can be broken down to levels providing unprecedented ability to make valued decisions on Education learning. The ability to ensure Value for money decisions can be pin pointed and directed to support the statistics results through evidenced data.

Seeva Learning does not rely on Staged Testing such as NAPLAN or alternative testing methods for results, and frequency can be set at desired timeframes, from weekly, monthly, quarterly period providing for increase accuracy for stakeholders or simply adopted annually.

The method of capturing the statistics is very effective and efficient and could be completed for a single class of 25 to 30 students in under 20 minutes by the class teacher. The process is enjoyable and simple.

The initial set-up for each school is a one-off requirement whilst Classroom identification and pupil numbers are an Annual setup, again we expect this to be completed within 60 to 90 minutes for each school.

Statistics can be captured globally or down to single tasks as follows

  • Country, State / Territory / Region / Local Area / School / Year.
  • Classroom / Student / Teaching Staff.
  • Other as may be required

Seeva Learning can be set to Pre-Determined curriculum.

  • Key functions can be outlined as follows, but not limited to as our system can be customized for special needs as may be necessary.
  • Literacy and Numeracy / Science, Technology / Engineering & Mathematics / Humanities and Social Sciences / Art and Language.
  • Other

Australia in a snapshot (+/-) - Total there are 6256 primary schools, 1385 secondary schools, 1321 combined schools and 435 special schools around the country. Of these, 77% of primary schools, 74% of secondary schools, and 76% of special schools belonged to the government sector.

Seeva Learn with a rolling timetable could capture every schools learning status Live with no third-party facilitation instantly as each class is entered into Seeva Learn.

Peer & Bullying (Seeva Life)

Seeva Life in Partnership with Seeva Learn provides a platform where we bring together the child, family, teacher and schools select staff into a live application to ensure that any Peer & Bulling can be managed and evidenced in a way not seen before.