Seeva Life

SeevaLife - Service Men & Women & First Responders

Many Not for Profit originations are performing an outstanding role for service men, women and first responders during and upon completion of their service.

Often the stresses of performing their service/duties has attributed to varying degrees of Mental Health and wellbeing.

Circumstances are varied and the impact to adjusting to daily life without the network that many services personal are accustomed to is challenging, Seeva Life “Check In” assists with a sense of belonging and place.

Seeva Life for Service men, women & first responders is developed to support them in the workplace and or their transition away from the service environment.

Through non-confrontational process “Check In” can address users that feel alone and faced with challenging thoughts through a communication process that often in itself allows individuals seek the help they are most comfortable with.

Seeva Life is positioned to make a difference in a beautifully simple manner giving some immediate comfort and options to those that are reaching out.