Seeva Life

SeevaLife - Not for Profit Originations

Many Not for Profit originations are performing an outstanding service for wellness and mental health within our community.

Their work is vast, diverse and filled with daily challenges, Seeva Life “Check In” is a platform that allows individuals, families, care providers to work together in a live environment that can rapidly reduce harm, assist in critical intervention and support recovery in a clear and transparent manner.

Seeva’s system can maintain automated “Check In” punch notifications to an infinite number of people or to just an individual or group. By keeping communication channels open enables individuals not ready for direct conversation to know they have options available to them at all hours of every day.

Even the slightest evidence of wellness can provide family, friends, careers and or organizations a live picture of wellness. Furthermore, support networks can provide push notifications seeking an indication of wellness. Failed responses can automate any linked network to assist.

SeevaLife has the potential to provide comfort when its most needed, this alone can save lives and assist in breaking down barriers.