Seeva Life

SeevaLife - for Aged Care

Seeva Life for Aged Care is focused directly on the area of Care Plans. Care plans vary between Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages and Home Care services and they do vary in legislative requirements between States and Territories.

Aged care providers like many businesses have set regulations, standards and legislation that they operate to, combined with internal procedures and policies the workforce is faced with a challenging work environment.

The cost of non-compliance, policy breach and human errors, can have long last consequences on the provider, care staff, residents and families. Seeva Life setouts a framework to empower care staff and facilities to ensure regulations, standards and procedures are not only simply adhered to by evidenced in a live workspace.

Seeva Life is designed to minimize non-compliance and human error, whilst providing an evidencing system for Senior Stakeholders and Managers to identify and react to early warnings or critical action.

As each Care Plan is developed with the client, Doctors, Specialists, careers, nurses, physio and other necessary stakeholders the plan is activated within the Seeva System and Base settings set.

Base setting may include items such as.

  • Care Plan Reviews timeframe
  • Participants, who has access to the Care Plan.
  • Who can update information.
  • Who is read only.
  • Push notification such as.
    • Medication times / types /dose.
    • General wellbeing.
    • Medical apparatus / change, clean, remove and fit.
  • When applied Family members of individuals with POA, Enduring Power of Attorney are Linked to Seeva Life, they can have access to View theLive screen status.

The Power of Seeva Life resides in the back-end framework that provides high level Information, this information establishes compliance, accountability, and evidenced application of the Care Plan all the Live Environment.

With immediate high-level overview of every property and facilities combined with flexible viewing of all properties, individual property, clients, care-plan, items within the care-plan.

Immediate access to the outcome of the Care Plan task or activity, live evidenced logs.

  • Care Plans, down to the individual Care Plan Task.
  • Immediate View of Compliance and Non-compliance.
  • Live access to Image uploads.
  • Ability to Live allocate tasks to RN’s or PCA’s.
  • Ability to Roll Out system improvements, updates to all Seeva Life users.

How CarePlan compliance is simplified.

  • Legislative or self-reporting needs can be mandatory field set in place for all Care Plans. Change in policy or legislation can be seamlessly rolled out through System updates.
  • Evidence of who and when a Care Plan task was performed is registered and its compliance status noted at the point in time.
  • Investigations are simplified as who, what and when are registered by the authorized staff member.
  • Incidents can be logged Live at the point of the event.
  • Photographed can be logged Live against the Care Plan Task at the point of the event.
  • Live date input of Text and Images are automatically logged, by.
    • Facility.
    • Authorised Users.
    • Who, What, When of the Care Plan Task is shown.
  • Senior Managers can remotely provide Push Notification/Tasks to staff providing advice and information and gain real time information and images reflecting the Task request.

Seeva’s system is flexible and can be customized to provide an array of functions to support overall operational needs.